About Verpol

Verpol has been operating in Istanbul Kartal since 2011, supplying raw materials and paints to the composite and furniture industries through partnerships of well-established and leading companies of the sector.

We have been providing products such as polyester resins, glass fibers, gelcoats, pigment pastes, epoxy resins, polyurethane resins, and molding silicone rubbers to the composite sector as well as, a variety of paint and varnish products for the furniture industry.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, Verpol offers a diverse range of products with competitive prices and fast supply solutions. We also support our customers in their production process thanks to our knowledge on the technical area and provide the necessary information about innovative developments in the industry.

Verpol, known for its innovative approach, became a pioneer by starting e-commerce in the sector in 2020 with VernikRecineMarketi.com. By delivering information to the final consumers of the products, Verpol successfully increased the use of composite raw materials in our country.

Adhering to the principle of sustainable development, Verpol envisions expanding its collaboration with leading companies in the composite and paint sectors, increasing the number of industries it serves, and maintaining the highest level of service quality.

We Trust Our Products’ Quality
Fast Delivery
Technical Support

Our Vision

To become the pioneer supplier in the market whose goal is to improve our customers’ production process by expanding our product range with innovative products.

Our Mission

Providing our customers the best competitive price and quality by prioritising our customers’ satisfaction